Artistic musings

Part 1 – An introduction (Or where I try to get the hang of blogging again)

Posted in general by Sarah Benalene on August 11, 2015

This is the first of 2 (or maybe 3) posts. I was inspired to start blogging again by a twitter follower (you know who you are, let me know if you want me to link to you!) because of a conversation we were having about me starting a Patreon. And by blogging, I really just mean, I am probably going to make these couple of posts, and then disappear again for a year….

Anyways, I keep seeing people talking about their Patreons, and it got me wondering if there was a way for me to create on Patreon doing what I currently do. I’ve worn many hats in my 30 years of life. I’ve worked in the food industry, veterinary offices, libraries, and distance learning education. On the more creative side, I’ve designed websites and logos, created open source game illustrations, been a printmaker and a pinhole photograher.

My latest creative endeavors are quite a bit different, however. I started to get into “upcycling” various things found at thrift stores (I LOVE thrift store shopping!). First was bird feeders from those flat woven plate holders. Then it was covering old lamp shades with either handmade paper or old dictionary pages. Then I started looking at the things I myself throw away, and came across glass bottles (mostly of the alcoholic variety!). My first thought was drinking glasses. I ordered a glass cutter (much much much better results than lighting-the-string-on-fire method…) and some sand paper and went to town. I wasn’t happy with the feeling of the edge for drinking, though. Not that it would cut you, it just wasn’t soft on the lips (this is Very Important that it be soft on the lips!). So, what else? I looked into making candles from them, and it seemed easy enough, and required very little upfront to just test out and play around with (I’ve been using CandleScience for most of my candle making supplies for years now).

And somehow, making candles has stuck for about three years now. So here I am, wondering how I can use Patreon to make and sell candles…


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