Artistic musings

Battle Station!

Posted in general by Sarah Benalene on August 30, 2015


Have you ever wondered what a candle making battle station looks like? Well, look no further! I forgot to label a couple things. There is an infrared thermometer and a heat gun. The thermometer is pretty obvious as to its use. For the essential oil to blend into the wax, the wax has to be at a certain temperature, usually around 175 degrees (different oils blend at different temperatures). After I heat the wax and add the oil, I then have to wait for the wax to cool off to the “pour temperature”. Basically, if I pour the wax when it is still really hot, it will cool unevenly, which can cause the wax to “crater” and basically not look nice. I wait till the wax is around 110 degrees before I pour it. And even if I do wait till the right temperature, sometimes the tops of the candles still aren’t smooth and nice, so that is where the heat gun comes in. I hit the tops of the candles with the heat gun to melt the top layer and even out any craters or holes.

Also, I do stand at the table, and I do have an anti-fatigue mat, but I forgot to put it back for the picture (today was a cleaning day, and figured it was also a good time to take a picture).


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