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The Human Form

Posted in inspiration by Sarah Benalene on August 31, 2010

I need to find a way to make the human form more interesting for me to learn. Animals, especially the mammalian kind, have always fascinated me, and drawing them has always been fun and for the most part easy. Drawing the human form is like pulling teeth! I don’t know what it is. I have anatomy books, tons of reference photos saved on my hard drive, but when I sit down to really study and practice drawing the form, I just go blank. My hand stiffens up. My eyes glaze over. I mean, I can draw the human form *ok*, but it just doesn’t *feel* right. It doesn’t have the substance that I see in some other artist’s galleries. I know I could be really good at it, if I can just find some way to make it more interesting for me.



Posted in general by Sarah Benalene on August 3, 2010

Ok, I am not organized. What is the saying? When life throws you a curve ball, make lemonade. Or something like that. I barely started the daily sketching thing. Didn’t even try the weekly pinhole thing. I do have several things to post. I need to update my website. So much to do, so little time. One, two, three, GO!


Posted in pinhole, website, weekly sketches by Sarah Benalene on May 7, 2010

I am reorganizing my life. Changing some things around. Reprioritizing. I am no longer going to focus on graphic and web design, though I might still do some if you need it. I would like to focus on my drawing and painting, mostly in the form of game concept art and book illustrations. I am updating my portfolio site to reflect this. This blog is also not going to be just about pinhole photography, but about all of my art in general. I am going to set goals and keep track of them here. I will be active! So, what are these goals?

Do an hour’s worth of sketching every day and post the best sketches weekly.

Take at least one pinhole picture a week. Develop monthly and post the results.

Hopefully this blog will help hold me accountable. And, if I still have any watchers, it would be great if you held me accountable, also :).

Teaching (and learning)

Posted in inspiration by Sarah Benalene on June 11, 2008

Wow, you realize just how much you don’t know when you start teaching somebody. I have had somebody put all of my knowledge about film and pinhole photography to the test, and I found that I am still lacking in some areas. Not to say that is a bad thing, just that I have a lot more to learn.

My time at the library is more than half-way up. I have one coffee shop where I am going to put up some of my pictures at the end of June. I hope to find a couple more places, but my choices are fairly limited here in Huntsville. I am glad to see that there has been a fair amount of interest in my work. Most of the people who went to see my show last fall knew me, so of course, they liked my work, because I did it. Most of the people who have seen my show at the library do not know me. It touches me when my work touches other people. That makes it all worth it, even if I don’t sell anything.

Which leads me to something else. Is the artist the one who makes the art, or is the artist the viewer who interprets it? My boyfriend’s mother wanted to see my work at the library and get pictures and such, so I went with her, and while she was looking, she kept telling me the stories that she saw in the images. For example, the image with the chimney, she said that the girl could have lived in the house, but was killed when the house was destroyed, and it is her ghost in the image. That was her interpretation of the image. That was not what I had in mind when I took the image. I just thought it would make a neat image to have this chimney in the picture with no house. Sometimes I have a thought in mind when I take an image (besides the time aspect, which is always there), but a lot of times I don’t. I just go for what I think is going to make a good image, and then let people make up their own stories. So who is the artist? Also, what is art? Is it just the pretty image? Or is it the meaning, the story behind it?

This should probably go on my other blog, since it is more about art in general, rather than specifically pinhole photography. Oh well. It was supposed to be about pinhole photography.

Life through a Pinhole

Posted in pinhole, shows by Sarah Benalene on May 6, 2008

I put up my photographs this past friday at the Library, and wow. The Library has done a pretty job about getting the information out. There was a small blurb in the Sunday Huntsville Times and in a small newsletter that goes out to contributors (called “Friends”) of the Library. Apparently this newsletter gets around, because I just googled some of the information about my show, and came across this blog post. This guy is in Boise, Idaho! I must be famous or something! Except not really. But it is really exciting.

The show features 8×10 contact prints and 16×20 and 12×30 digital prints (I scanned the negatives and had them enlarged digitally, because I do not have an 8×10 enlarger). I use 8×10 Ortho Litho Film which is a black and white film. I just stick an entire sheet in my big can, I mean, camera, and cut the film in half lengthwise for my smaller camera (4×10). I still need to put up pictures of my cameras, but they are on display along with my work at the library.

I have motivation!

Posted in pinhole, shows by Sarah Benalene on March 24, 2008

Back in January, I had gone to the Huntsville Public Library to see about showing my pinhole images there. They have a little area set aside for local artists to show their work. I talked with a woman and submitted an application, but hadn’t heard anything from them for more than two months. The woman I talked to called me last week to say that they are interested in displaying my work, and are wanting to do it in May! So, I had better get my butt in gear! I will be showing some of the work that I had in my exit show from UAH, but I also want to show some new stuff. I have a month.

And, to make things even better, I now have my own enlarger!

Home darkroom

Posted in pinhole by Sarah Benalene on January 14, 2008

I got my home darkroom set up. I live in an apartment, and my darkroom is my bathroom, so it is not the most comfortable of places, but it worked well enough. I cannot do any printing at home seeing as how I do not have an enlarger, but I can develop my negatives. Yes, those are my negatives hanging on a shoe string nailed into the wall over my bathtub. Hey, I am on a shoe-string budget. Haha….sorry.



Website is up!

Posted in website by Sarah Benalene on January 4, 2008

Yay! My website is up! It is not completely finished yet. For one, I have a lot of images to place on it. I am also not sure if the design is finished yet. I think I still have some tweaking to do. I might even change it completely. But it is there! 

My website!

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Now starts my art career

Posted in inspiration by Sarah Benalene on December 30, 2007

I have graduated with a Bachelor in Studio Art. No more classes. No more people telling me what to do, or when to do it. No, I have to motivate myself. Do I want this? Yes. I have to keep telling myself this. Otherwise I will sit back and do nothing.