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NYC, galleries, and pinhole photography

Posted in general by Sarah Benalene on October 14, 2011

Quick post. We moved to NYC. My pinhole photography is already up in a cafe gallery. I can’t wait to take more pictures. I am thinking a pinhole of the protesters would be nice :).

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Posted in pinhole, website, weekly sketches by Sarah Benalene on May 7, 2010

I am reorganizing my life. Changing some things around. Reprioritizing. I am no longer going to focus on graphic and web design, though I might still do some if you need it. I would like to focus on my drawing and painting, mostly in the form of game concept art and book illustrations. I am updating my portfolio site to reflect this. This blog is also not going to be just about pinhole photography, but about all of my art in general. I am going to set goals and keep track of them here. I will be active! So, what are these goals?

Do an hour’s worth of sketching every day and post the best sketches weekly.

Take at least one pinhole picture a week. Develop monthly and post the results.

Hopefully this blog will help hold me accountable. And, if I still have any watchers, it would be great if you held me accountable, also :).

Life through a Pinhole

Posted in pinhole, shows by Sarah Benalene on May 6, 2008

I put up my photographs this past friday at the Library, and wow. The Library has done a pretty job about getting the information out. There was a small blurb in the Sunday Huntsville Times and in a small newsletter that goes out to contributors (called “Friends”) of the Library. Apparently this newsletter gets around, because I just googled some of the information about my show, and came across this blog post. This guy is in Boise, Idaho! I must be famous or something! Except not really. But it is really exciting.

The show features 8×10 contact prints and 16×20 and 12×30 digital prints (I scanned the negatives and had them enlarged digitally, because I do not have an 8×10 enlarger). I use 8×10 Ortho Litho Film which is a black and white film. I just stick an entire sheet in my big can, I mean, camera, and cut the film in half lengthwise for my smaller camera (4×10). I still need to put up pictures of my cameras, but they are on display along with my work at the library.

I have motivation!

Posted in pinhole, shows by Sarah Benalene on March 24, 2008

Back in January, I had gone to the Huntsville Public Library to see about showing my pinhole images there. They have a little area set aside for local artists to show their work. I talked with a woman and submitted an application, but hadn’t heard anything from them for more than two months. The woman I talked to called me last week to say that they are interested in displaying my work, and are wanting to do it in May! So, I had better get my butt in gear! I will be showing some of the work that I had in my exit show from UAH, but I also want to show some new stuff. I have a month.

And, to make things even better, I now have my own enlarger!

Home darkroom

Posted in pinhole by Sarah Benalene on January 14, 2008

I got my home darkroom set up. I live in an apartment, and my darkroom is my bathroom, so it is not the most comfortable of places, but it worked well enough. I cannot do any printing at home seeing as how I do not have an enlarger, but I can develop my negatives. Yes, those are my negatives hanging on a shoe string nailed into the wall over my bathtub. Hey, I am on a shoe-string budget. Haha….sorry.